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Hence Lea-Tun or Luton meaning a settlement by the bright river. Settlements re-appeared after the ice had retreated in the Mesolithic period around BC.

Traces of these settlements have been found [ by whom? Remains from the Neolithic period — BC in this area are much more common.

A particular concentration of Neolithic burials occurs at Galley Hill. From the Neolithic onwards, the area seems to have been populated, but without any single large settlement.

Luton itself is believed to have been founded by the Anglo-Saxons sometime in the 6th century, [11] and named for its situation on the River Lea.

After the establishment of the Danelaw in the east of England and the unification of the remaining English kingdoms in the west, Luton stood on the border between Christendom and Heathenism which ran up the River Lea from London through to Bedford.

And then very soon after that, as the one force came home, they met another raiding band which rode out against Luton.

And then the people of the district became aware of it and fought against them and reduced them to full flight and rescued all that they had captured and also a great part of their horses and their weapons".

Archaeological finds for this genesis of Lutonian history include 50 burials, 8 cremations, 16 spears, 22 knives seax , a sword, 8 shield bosses, a pair of iron shears, a single bone comb, countless examples of brooches, pendants and other jewellery of bronze and amber and shards of pottery.

The Domesday Book records the value of King William's English possessions 20 years after his victory at Hastings, during which period, as the book would suggest, much destruction and death took place.

Besides Luton, Biscot and Caddington also have entries in the Domesday Book for the surrounding area and in both these cases the value of the lands are much lower than their pre-invasion state, indicating a loss of households, livestock and crops.

The work was completed by The castle was demolished in [20] and the site is now occupied by a Matalan store. During the Middle Ages Luton is recorded [ by whom?

Mill Street, in the town centre , takes its name from one of them. He was also granted the right to bear his own coat of arms and chose the mythical griffin as his heraldic emblem.

The griffin thus became associated with both Vauxhall and Luton in the early 13th century. By the town is recorded as "Leueton".

The town had a market for surrounding villages in August each year, and with the growth of the town a second fair was granted each October from The agriculture base of the town changed in the 16th century with a brick-making industry developing around Luton; many of the older wooden houses were rebuilt in brick.

During the English Civil War of the 17th century, in , royalists entered the town and demanded money and goods.

Parliamentary forces arrived and during the fighting four royalist soldiers were killed and a further twenty-two were captured.

A second skirmish occurred three years later in when a royalist army passed through Luton. A number of royalists were attacked by parliamentary soldiers at an inn on the corner of the current Bridge Street.

Most of the royalists escaped but nine were killed. The hat making industry began in the 17th century and became synonymous with the town.

The first Luton Workhouse was constructed in the town in Luton Hoo , a nearby large country house , was built in and substantially rebuilt after a fire in It is now a luxury hotel.

The town grew strongly in the 19th century. In the population was 3, Such rapid growth demanded a railway connection but the town had to wait a long time for one.

It was another ten years before the branch was extended to Bute Street Station , and the first train to Dunstable ran on 3 May Luton received a gas supply in Gas street lights were erected and the first town hall was opened in Following a cholera epidemic in Luton established a water company and had a complete water and sewerage system by the late s.

Newspaper printing arrived in the town in The first public cemetery was opened in the same year. Luton was made a borough in A professional football club — the first in the South of England — was founded in following a resolution at the town hall that a 'Luton Town Club be formed'.

Luton's hat trade reached its peak in the s, [31] but severely declined after the Second World War and was replaced by other industries.

In the Bailey Water Tower was built [32] on the edge of what was to become Luton Hoo memorial park. It is now a private residence.

Hucklesby went on to become Mayor of Luton. The main house in the park became Wardown Park Museum. The town had a tram system from until , and the first cinema was opened in The original town hall was destroyed in during Peace Day celebrations at the end of the First World War.

Local people, including many ex-servicemen, were unhappy with unemployment and had been refused the use of a local park to hold celebratory events.

They stormed the town hall, setting it alight see Luton Town Hall. A replacement building was completed in Luton Airport opened in , owned and operated by the council.

The pre-war years, even at the turn of the s when a Great Depression saw unemployment reach record levels nationally, were something of an economic boom for Luton, as new industries grew and prospered.

New private and council housing was built in the s and s, with Luton growing as a town to incorporate nearby villages Leagrave , Limbury and Stopsley between and Despite heavy camouflage, the factory made Luton a target for the Luftwaffe and the town suffered a number of air raids.

Other industry in the town, such as SKF , which produced ball bearings , made a vital contribution to the war effort.

Although a bomb landed at the SKF Factory, [36] no major damage was caused. Post-war, the slum clearance continued, and a number of substantial estates of council housing were built, notably at Farley Hill , Stopsley , Limbury , Marsh Farm and Leagrave Hockwell Ring.

The M1 motorway passed just to the west of the town, opening in and giving it a direct motorway link with London and — eventually — the Midlands and the North.

In a new library to replace the cramped Carnegie Library was opened by the Queen in the corner of St George's Square. In the late s a large part of the town centre was cleared to build a large covered shopping centre, the Arndale Centre , which was opened in In , Vauxhall announced the end of car production in Luton; the plant closed in March Vauxhall's headquarters remain in the town, as does its van and light commercial vehicle factory.

A major regeneration programme for the town centre is under way, which will include upgrades to the town's bus and railway stations as well as improvements to the town's urban environment.

St George's Square has been rebuilt [39] and reopened in On the edge of Luton at Putteridge Bury a high-technology office park, Butterfield Green , is under construction.

The former Vauxhall site is also to be re-developed as a mixed use site called Napier Park. The town is situated within the historic county of Bedfordshire , but since Luton has been an administratively independent unitary authority.

The town remains part of Bedfordshire for ceremonial purposes. Luton is represented by two Members of Parliament.

Luton South has been held by Gavin Shuker Labour since Luton is within the East of England European Parliament constituency. Luton is served by the Bedfordshire police.

Lutonians are governed by Luton Borough Council. The town is split into 19 wards , represented by 48 councillors. Elections are held for all seats every four years, with the most recent local elections held in May and the next due in May The Council is controlled by the Labour group, who have 36 Local Councillors a majority of The next largest party is the Liberal Democrats with 8 seats, followed by the Conservative Party with 4 seats.

In the town council was granted its own coat of arms. The wheatsheaf was used on the crest to represent agriculture and the supply of straw used in the local hatting industry the straw-plaiting industry was brought to Luton by a group of Scots under the protection of Sir John Napier of Luton Hoo.

The bee is traditionally the emblem of industry and the hive represents the straw-plaiting industry for which Luton was famous. The rose is from the arms of the Napier family, whereas the thistle is a symbol for Scotland.

An alternative suggestion is that the rose was a national emblem, and the thistle represents the Marquess of Bute , who formerly owned the Manor of Luton Hoo.

Luton is located in a break in the eastern part of the Chiltern Hills. The Chilterns are a mixture of chalk from the Cretaceous period [48] about 66 — million years ago and deposits laid at the southernmost points of the ice sheet during the last ice age the Warden Hill area can be seen from much of the town.

Bedfordshire had a reputation for brick making but the industry is now significantly reduced. The brickworks [49] at Stopsley took advantage of the clay deposits in the east of the town.

The source of the River Lea , part of the Thames Valley drainage basin , is in the Leagrave area of the town. The Great Bramingham Wood surrounds this area.

It is classified as ancient woodland ; records mention the wood at least years ago. There are few routes through the hilly area for some miles, this has led to several major roads including the M1 and the A6 and a major rail-link being constructed through the town.

The Victorian expansion of Luton focused on areas close to the existing town centre and railways. Luc Chabot F 5. Ashley Tait F 4.

Russell Cowley F 98 5. Adam Calder F Kurt Irvine F 70 2. Mathias Söderström D 27 3. Danny Stewart F 52 4. Steve Carpenter D 68 5. Benn Olson D 71 4 23 Franchise All-Time Games played.

Russell Cowley F 98 2. Tom Watkins F 70 3. James Pease D 7 63 70 4. Mathias Söderström D 27 89 5. Ross Venus F 35 72 Franchise All-Time Points per Game.

Schumacher, driving for Ferrari finished second while teammate Barrichello gained the final spot in the podium.

The British Grand Prix saw Ferrari return to the top two steps of the podium with Schumacher beating Barrichello, while pole-sitter and Williams driver Juan Pablo Montoya finished in third.

These three drivers, as well as gaining the top three qualifying places, were the only drivers to finish on the lead lap.

Kimi Räikkönen McLaren was pressured by Barrichello into losing the lead and an unforced error later on allowed Montoya to seize second.

Neil Hodgson had a brilliant World Superbike meeting in The Fila Ducati rider withstood the attention of James Toseland in the first race and then fellow Ducati pilot, Gregorio Lavilla in the second, just 0.

Ruben Xaus claimed two third-place finishes. Schumacher celebrated his 80th Grand Prix victory of his career at the event after taking the lead from Räikkönen during the first round of pit stops.

Ferrari's strategy won the day with Schumacher's two stops to Räikkönen's three. Haga pulled off a close finish in race one, just beating Vermeulen.

In race two, the roles were reversed with the Honda beating the Ducati. A crowd of 27, welcomed back the World Touring Car Championship.

The Alfa Romeo drivers dominated the first race, on a sunny 15 May Gabriele Tarquini scored a lights to flag victory, leading home an Alfa quartet.

Behind the Italian, a tough fight for second between James Thompson and Fabrizio Giovanardi , with a number of overtaking and paint swapping moves, also involving the BMW i of Andy Priaulx.

Augusto Farfus completed the quartet, with Priaulx dropping back to fifth. Ducati took both legs of the World Superbike double-header.

Regis Laconi scored the first win and Toseland doubled Ducati's pleasure. Laconi beat Troy Corser to the finishing line by 0. Toseland claimed third on the podium.

Toseland turn came to Race 2, when he passed Croser and Haga. Fernando Alonso and Montoya fought a cat-and-mouse battle for the victory in the British Grand Prix, with the deciding factor being the back-markers.

In a straight line the McLaren of Montoya was probably quicker than Alonso's Renault, but in the heat of battle, with different strategies going and different computer projections, Montoya came through to win the race from Alonso, with Räikkönen driving for McLaren in third.

Alonso would see the chequered flag first as he wins again at Silverstone in In doing so, the Spaniard became the youngest driver to get the hat-trick pole position, winning and fastest lap.

Alonso won by nearly 14 seconds from Schumacher and Räikkönen took third again. Haga Yamaha and Toseland Honda joined Bayliss on the podium in both races.

Following Hamilton's victory in the Canadian Grand Prix, Silverstone reported that ticket sales had "gone through the roof"; circuit director Ian Phillips added, "we haven't seen this level of interest since Mansell-mania in the late 80s and early 90s".

Hamilton did not disappoint on the Saturday and qualified his McLaren on pole. However, race day saw Räikkönen move ahead during the first round of pit stops.

The other McLaren driver, Alonso, also finished ahead in second. Bayliss Ducati took the chequered flag in a solitary World Superbike race, with a heavy downpour causing the first race to be run in the wet, with Race 2 cancelled altogether.

Naga and Corser completed the podium line-up. After a one-year hiatus, the Le Mans Series returned to Silverstone.

The margin of victory was the largest in Formula One since Once again, Barrichello finished on the podium, this time in a Honda.

A spirited drive from the Le Mans winners Rinaldo Capello and McNish saw their Audi R10 TDI progress through the field after a trip in the gravel early in the race, all the way up to second behind their sister car.

When the leading Audi came in for an unplanned pit stop and was pulled into the pit for some rear suspension repairs, this handed the lead to McNish and Capello, who took a well deserved win.

The Pescarolo of Romain Dumas and Boullion got a well deserved podium finish. The British Grand Prix at Silverstone was due to be the last in Northamptonshire, as the event was moving to Donington Park from the season.

However, due to Donington Park funding issues, the Grand Prix would remain at Silverstone until at least Nico Rosberg claimed third place for Mercedes team.

In both race, the top step was the property of Yamaha Sterilgarda's Cal Crutchlow. Also, second in both races was Jonathan Rea. Alstare Suzuki's Leon Haslam and Aprilla's Leon Camier made appearances in the top three, giving Britain a complete podium sweep of the event.

The British motorcycle Grand Prix returned to Silverstone for the first time since , although the category had evolved into MotoGP.

Jorge Lorenzo dominated the event for Fiat Yamaha, finishing nearly seven seconds clear of a battle for second place. The second place was enough for the Oreca team to be crowned as the champions, who were using a Peugeot instead their own race winning chassis from the event.

The MotoGP guys returned in June only to find conditions less than ideal, but the rain didn't stop the Repsol Hondas totally dominating the race with pole-man Casey Stoner beating his teammate Dovizioso by more than 15sec.

The Tech 3 Yamaha of Colin Edwards completed the podium. A conservative drive from Pagenaud saw Fässler close the gap right down again and in fact jump into the lead.

Pagenaud picked up the pace and the two cars were on each other's tails until the end of the fourth hour when damaged rear bodywork needed replacing on the Audi.

This gave the Peugeot a one-minute advantage that it did not give up. The race was won for the second time by Webber, with pole-sitter Alonso second for Ferrari, finishing 3secs behind.

Red Bull Racing and Webber's teammate Vettel rounded off the podium. Silverstone is often the site of unpredictable weather, the World Superbike event proved to be no exception.

Due to fluctuating weather, the riders were greeted with a track in-between wet and dry for Race 1. Jakub Smrz took third, as nine riders went down before the official called an early end after eight laps.

He crossed the line 3. The win, added to third place for the sister car of Allan McNish, Rinaldo Capello and Tom Kristensen, enabled Audi to get both their cars to finish on the podium.

Audi didn't have everything its own way though as the Toyota TS hybrid of Alex Wurz , Kazuki Nakajima and Nicolas Lapierre challenged hard, leading early on, to finish a richly deserved second.

Audis had a better early stage of the race when Toyota tyres did not work well and by the middle of the race they were securely leading the race by one lap.

Toyota also did not manage to go through a middle race rain shower so well as Audi did. In a race featuring two safety car interventions and tyre failures on five cars four of which blew the rear-right tyre , Ferrari's Alonso fought up to third from ninth on the grid.

Rosberg's teammate, pole-man Hamilton, dropped to last with tyre failure, but fought back to fourth ahead of Lotus's Räikkönen. Pata Honda's Jonathan Rea took advantage of the fluctuating weather conditions to take the lead mid-distance during the World Superbike Race 1, which he held until the end.

Race 2 started dry and deteriorated to treacherously damp by mid-race. This saw Baz prevailing, replicating his victory from , in similar conditions, after a spirited battle.

Jules Cluzel took his Crescent Suzuki up to second place, followed home by Laverty in third. Meanwhile, in the supporting Moto2 race, Scott Redding took the spoils, much to the delight of the Silverstone crowd.

Easter Sunday , saw the return of Porsche to top-level sportscar racing in the World Endurance Championship event. However, it was Toyota who stole the show with a dominant one-two.

Porsche claimed a podium on its return with the Hybrid. The partnership of Mark Webber , Timo Bernhard and Brendon Hartley took third, finishing two laps down on the winner and one down on the second-placed Toyota.

Hamilton was catching his teammate and championship rival, Nico Rosberg, at the half-way stage of the race when Rosberg suffered a gearbox failure and was forced to retire, with Williams's Valtteri Bottas coming from 14th on the grid to finish second.

Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo took third. The race had to be red flagged following a high speed crash on the opening lap for Ferrari's Kimi Räikkönen.

The Honda rider, overtook last year's winner Jorge Lorenzo on a Yamaha with three laps to go to cross the line 0.

Silverstone also hosts many club racing series and the world's largest historic race meeting, the Silverstone Classic.

It is also host to one of the UK's only hour car races, the Britcar 24 , which is gaining in popularity, having run between and It has in the past hosted exhibition rounds of the D1 Grand Prix both in and The course, starting from the main straight used in club races, makes use of both Brooklands and Luffield corners to form an S-bend — a requirement in drifting — and is regarded by its judge, Keiichi Tsuchiya , as one of the most technical drifting courses of all.

In Silverstone hosted its very first Superleague Formula event. Lewis Hamilton's lap of 1: The diagram at right illustrates the changes in configuration which have been made, a detailed description of the changes which have been made, see development history of Silverstone Circuit.

Official lap records are set in a race, although qualifying laps are often faster. The actually fastest qualifying lap pole record is 1: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Development history of Silverstone Circuit. Federation Internationale de l'Automobile. Archived from the original on 24 November Retrieved 5 July British Racing Drivers' Club.

Archived from the original on 14 February Archived from the original on 24 March Motor Racing's Strangest Races.

Retrieved 22 June — via www. Retrieved April 10, Retrieved 29 July Archived from the original on 4 October Retrieved 8 July Archived from the original on 19 May Retrieved 25 May European Le Mans Series.

Archived from the original PDF on 16 October

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